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Strum It Up!

21 Soprano Ukulele Pieces in Orff Style
(BPP-SGSIU - Book with Online Materials - $24.95) Look at a Preview

Strum It Up!

21 Soprano Ukulele Pieces in Orff Style
(BPP-SGSIU_D (E-Book with Online Materials) $24.95) Look at a Preview

Ukuleles are a beautiful addition to elementary music classrooms. Your students will learn chord progressions, vocabulary, and how to accompany songs and melodies. The unique timbre of the Ukulele supports the child's singing voice and allows students to hear and sing harmony accurately. 

This book integrates Ukuleles with other classroom instruments and has full Orff-style orchestrations for your Orff music classes. Some songs include creative movement, folk dances, improvisation, and unique folk style instruments. Some of these songs are perfect for your spoon, washtub, washboard, or limberjack players!

Supplemental materials are available on this website. You can download a booklet with copy-ready lyric sheets, Individual song sheets, and projection-ready visuals for your interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors.

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School Songs

Reading, Science and Social Studies in Music and Rhyme.
(BPP-PBSS - Book/CD - $29.95) Look at a Preview!

School Songs includes easy, very singable songs for Social Studies, Science and Reading in the elementary classroom.  All of the songs have lead sheets with guitar or ukulele chords and some include full scores with parts for Orff instruments, ukulele, and/or home made marimbas.

The CD is professionally recorded and performed by Brent Holl, folk singer and former music teacher. He uses acoustic guitar, melodica, all manner of special percussion instruments and a home made marimba. Teachers who have marimbas, uduleles, or Orff instruments in thier classrooms will be able to recreate the simple accompaniments for the songs that include full scores.

Teach geography with Trip to Egypt or Fly to China. Energize your social studies lessons with In the Good Old USA and The Three Resources. Study condensation, precipitation, and water vapor by singing The Water Cycle! The songs were written by Phyllis Gaskins to address the learning objectives in science, social studies and reading for the elementary students in her classes.

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