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Music for Marimbas

Beatin Path is a great source for middle school general music teachers and teachers who love the marimba style. You can find materials here for making your own marimbas and instruments as well as great arrangements for marimbas and xylophones.

You will find great resources by Jon Madin, Brent Holl, Paul Bakeman, Scott Tarantino and David Ruggiero, and Eric Schropmeyer and Ady Leverette, everything from Shona-style Zimbabwean to Children's songs and games, all featuring marimbas and xylophones.

Orff Schulwerk for the Music Class

Many of our products are designed especially for teachers who are trained in Orff Schulwerk. For those who aren't, these books include the best Orff process lesson plans and teaching suggestions that will make them the perfect additions to your classroom curriculum.

Music for Recorder

Lots of great recorder materials are here for your elementary classroom. David Krosner, Michael Nichols, and Rob Amchin have written great books for beginning recorder players. Michael's materials have lesson plans along with full Orff arrangements. David's book is and interactive integrated recorder resource for music and social studies. Rob's books are sparkling arrangements of songs with Orff accompaniment and includes a PACD.

Choral Music for Treble and Adult Choirs

Beatin' Path offers fine children's choral music. Celah K. Pence has written two masterpieces for treble choir. Go to her page for more information. Patrick Ware has added several new octavos for elementary choir and Orff Ensemble and Danai Gagne has written an exciting new piece called Sounds of the City for SAT and drum ensemble. Kerri Lynn Nichols combines choir with drumming, Orff instruments, and dance.  Don't forget Michael Nichols books for children's choir and Orff ensemble!

John Barr has written a collection of songs for treble choir called Amherst Melodies, featuring the poems of Emily Dickenson. Accompaniments are on organ or piano. He continues to add new octavos to his collection. Celah Pence has written several wonderful songs for treble choir.

John Barr has also written a new Organ piece Two Preludes on Brethren Hymns honoring the tricentennial of the Brethren Church. He has composed several anthems and a full length Missa Brevis as well.

Dr. Jesse Hopkins of Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA has written several new octavos for SATB choirs including May the Road Rise to Meet You and Go Out With Joy.

Music for Hand Drums

Hand drumming your thing? Go to Chris Judah-Lauder's page and check out Hand Drums on the Move. It's her best selling book for elementary and middle school music classes. Her second book of drumming is to drum, another great resource for hand drum activities you won't want to miss!  It's already a best seller!

Take a look at Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg's new book, released in Spring 2013, Drum It Up! These 20 new drumming activities for K-5 are perfect for elementary music classes.

Kerri Lynn Nichols has two books for children's voices and drumming.  Let the Little Ones Come with Voice, Dance & Drum and Rejoice with Drum & Voice perfectly combine the elements of singing, dancing, and drumming for your music classroom or children's church program.

What's New at Beatin' Path Publications!

Drum with a Passion by Chris Judah-Lauder is a new collection of drumming activities for upper elementary through middle school.

Rejoice with the Drum and Voice by Kerri Lynn Nichols is the third in a series of Orff music for church children.

This Is What I Can Do by Patrick Ware continues this fine series of books with jazz activities for Orff music classes. This volume emphasizes improvisation activities.

Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg have just written a fantastic new resource book for classroom ukuleles titled Strum it Up! - 21 Pieces for Soprano Ukulele

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner had just finished a companion volume to her best selling book, Hands to Hands! Hands to Hands, Too! - Hand Clapping Songs and Games from the USA and Canada was debuted at the AOSA conference in Atlantic City.

Mallets 'N More! is a new release by Gloria Fuoco-Lawson that will give you some wonderful strategies for using movement and improvisation to teach mallet technique on the Orff Instruments.

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner has just finished a brand new book of international singing and clapping games, Hands to Hands - Hand Clapping Songs and Games from Around the World. The wonderful multi-cultural activities have detailed instructions for the games to go with the singable and child-centered songs.

Master Orff teacher Maureen Kennedy's classic book of children's games, jump rope chants, singing games and more, Circle Round the Zero, is now available .

Master Orff teacher Konnie Saliba has just finished a new book of Folk Songs and Activities for Orff Classes Grades K-6.  Forgotten Treasures is now available.

Kerri Lynn Nichols is now composing new materials and is publishing and distributing all of her wonderful materials and resources through Beatin' Path Publications. Her books and CD's for movement are recognized throughout the Orff world as the very best examples of the Orff process for children's church, school, and home.

Chris Judah-Lauder has just finished a new book for Orff Ensemble that uses the Modes exclusively! In the Modes is now available and ready to go! Look and Listen!

Sandy Lantz and Gretchen Wahlberg have finished a great new book with Orff process lesson plans for your favorite Children's Books! Creative Bits with Children's Lit is available now!  Look at a Preview! Read a Review!

Orff Music for Church

Find children's choir and Orff ensemble music at Beatin' Path. Michael Nichols has written five books that incorporate the Orff process with children's church music.

Kerri Lynn Nichols has written several wonderful books for children's Orff music for church.

Shen Fine Music

Shen Fine Music features the Audio Recordings of Brent Holl, Kerri Lynn Nichols, Phyllis Gaskins, and Shen Fine. Recordings are available as Compact Discs, as full MP3 albums, or as individual downloads.

Shen Fine Music represents artists that are available for your private parties, weddings, or special events. Contact us for more information.

Kerri Lynn Nichols's CD's are companion CD's for her publications for elementary school and children's church.  More information can be found on her website.

Phyllis Gaskin's book "The Galax Dulcimer - A Job of Journey Work" is available on her website.

Brent Holl's publications are available on his web page.

All items can be ordered on the Gallery Page

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