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Hand Drums on the Move

Hand Drum Activities for Grades 1 - 8
(BPP-HDOM - Book - $13.95) Look at a Preview

This best-selling book of activities for hand drums is the result of years of classroom work with children in grades 1 - 8. The pieces are written in musical score alongside the teaching process for easy reference, ideal for a beginning teacher or someone new to hand drums. Experienced teachers will also find that these 14 pieces will energize and motivate their elementary and middle school music classes.

Cover design by Paul Lauder

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to drum

Hand Drum Activities for Grades 1 - 8
(BPP-TD - Book - $13.95) Look at a Preview

to drum is a new book of drumming activities for grades 1 - 8 that is every bit as exciting and useful as Chris' first book of Hand Drum pieces, Hand Drums on the Move. The book is laid out with extensive lesson plans including objectives, process, and extension possibilities. Full scores are given for every activity along with suggestions for visuals. This book will have all of your elementary and middle school students moving and drumming like never before. Twelve varied and interesting activities that teach rhythm, beat, meter by drumming, creating, and moving will take your music classes by storm! You don't want to miss this new offering!

Cover design by Paul Lauder.

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