In the Modes

Instrumentals for Orff Ensemble using the Modes Grades 4 - 8
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A brand new book from Chris Judah-Lauder for Orff Ensemble, this new resource for Orff Ensemble features the ancient modes. Playing and learning in the modes is a great way to promote improvisation and instrument technique in your students.  This new book will also be very helpful to Orff Levels teachers looking for great new material to build an appreciation of these ancient scales. 

Supplemental files are available online for this book, with instructional visuals, full scores, instrument parts, and professionally produced audio recordings of each piece.

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Canya Conga?

Conga Drum Activities for Grades 4 - 8
(BPP-CC - Book/CD ROM - $19.95) Look at a Preview

Appropriate for grades 4 - 8, CANYA CONGA? is a new book of drumming activities that is every bit as exciting and useful as Chris' first two books for Hand Drums, Hand Drums on the Move and to drum. The book is laid out with extensive lesson plans including objectives, process, and extension possibilities plus full scores for every activity.

A CD ROM is included with each book containing image files of each full size music score and a FULL COLOR VISUAL of each activity suitable for making transparencies or for use on a INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD OR PRESENTATION STATION. This book will have all of your upper elementary and middle school students moving, creating, and drumming like never before.

Cover design by Paul Lauder.

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