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Greek Myths in Modes - Exploration through Speech, Rhythm, Movement and Modes

By Danai D. Apostolidou-Gagné and Judith Thomas-Solomon (Book/CD ROM)  $34.95 - Available NOW!

This collection of Greek Myths has been adapted through the use of music, movement, speech play, and modes in an open-ended, elemental style for grades 4-5-6.

They have been modeled in the spirit Carl Orff intended, where there is room for personal invention and improvisation by both teacher and student. The dramas were developed in contrasting styles to be used as separate units, or as complementary groupings for longer programmatic use.

We've included a CD ROM that contains audio files, Actor/Narrator scripts, visuals, full scores and more!

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Now available as an E-Book

Download the book as a PDF with supplemental files.

Greek Myths and Modes by Danai D. Apostolidou-Gagné (E-Book) $34.95

Singing Wind, Breathing Drums - Songs and Recorder Pieces with Drums and Orff instruments for Grades 4 - 8

By Danai D. Apostolidou-Gagné (Book)  $14.95 - Available NOW!

Songs and recorder pieces with Orff instruments and drums for upper elementary and middle school general music classes. These activities emphasize poetry combined with melodies and exciting accompaniments that will motivate and energize your music classes.

The accompaniments include traditional Orff arrangements, recorder and drum ensembles. Some of the pieces feature only recorders with and without accompaniment, while some are for unision, 2- and 3-part voices with Orff instrument accompaniment.

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Download a full description with pricing and order information.


Sounds of the City - SAT with drum and body percussion

By Danai D. Apostolidou-Gagné (Octavo)  Single Copies $2.95 (Shipping included) - Bulk orders, school and dealer discounts available for the asking!

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For drum ensemble and SAT voices, this dramatic piece incorporates all the dynamic excitement of the drum, the song, and the dance. It features a spoken section in rap style with body percussion accompaniment.

The three part vocal section is especially suited for young changing voices and treble singers.

10 Packs are available at a discounted price

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Danai A. Gagné, a native of Greece, has a strong background in dance, piano, and composition. She is the director of the Orff Certification Program at Trevor Institute for Lifelong Learning in Manhattan, New York.

She has been a presenter in numerous certification programs around the USA and has conducted seminars and workshops in Europe, Canada, and Asia. Danai holds a certificate from the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria, and is a direct link to Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. She also has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Music and Dance Education from Empire State College. Recently she was the recipient of the “Distinguished Service Award” from the American Orff Schulwerk Association.

Danai Gagnè has co-authored A Seasonal Kaleidoscope, The Raccoon Philosopher (both published by Schott), and produced a CD titled, It Moves Me: World Music Warm-ups for Dance. Singing Wind, Breathing Drums is published by Beatin’ Path Publications, LLC.

Danai is currently on the music faculty in the elementary division of Trevor Day School in Manhattan, New York.

Click on Danai's picture to see her at work. View a Slideshow of a recent workshop presentation of the songs and activities from Singing Wind, Breathing Drums.

Judith Thomas-SolomonJudith Thomas-Solomon is a well-known music educator, author, and pianist who lives in Saratoga Springs, NY. She holds an undergraduate degree in Music Education and a Masters of Music in piano performance from the U. of Illinois where she subsequently taught.

She also trained and later taught and co-directed symposia at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, and has taught certification courses, master classes, and workshops in over 50 universities here and in Canada. She is known for her passion about bringing students to music, and strongly believes that all subjects in education are " like fingers on the same hand." She also espouses that the need is especially volcanic in today's world for integrating curricula in the creative ways the Orff Schulwerk approach offers.

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