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the Poetry of Dennis Lee set in the Orff Style

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This book is a collection of 22 selected poems by Dennis Lee from his books, Alligator Pie, Garbage Delight, Jelly Belly and The Ice Cream Store. They have been orchestrated in the Orff style as speech pieces, songs, hand games, or full orchestrations.

Some pieces include choreographed folk-style dances. The subject matter is current, using topics of interest to children. The rhymes are clever and catchy, and the images he portrays are humorous and easily learned by children. Read what Judy has to say about this new edition!

Free Web Songs!

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  1. Free Web Songs Collection
  2. Monday Songs
  3. Tuesday Songs
  4. Wednesday Songs
  5. Thursday Songs
  6. Friday Songs
  7. Getting to Know You Songs
  8. Dinosaurs
  9. Tell My Ma 
  10. When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

All of these songs and activities are previously unpublished. Help yourself!

Judy has collected songs with Orff orchestrations and full lesson plans for this free eBook. The tunes have been used in Judy's presentations at workshops and conferences around the USA and Canada.

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