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Forgotten Treasures - Folk Songs and Activities for Orff Classes K-6

By Konnie Saliba (Book)  $29.95 - Available NOW!

Folk songs, dances, and singing games that Orff master teacher, Konnie Saliba, has used in workshops, conferences, and Orff courses around the country are highlighted in Forgotten Treasures. Konnie's mastery of the Orff process and orchestration makes this collection of American and world folk songs as well as some seasonal songs and singing games an instant classic. Ideal for grades 3 - 6.  

"Over the years I have taught numerous courses and workshops. In each case I composed or arranged copious materials specific to my teaching requirement. Once the teaching assignment was completed, I normally put the materials away in my filing cabinet to be resurrected if needed. Recently, while sorting through this forgotten collection, I discovered a trove of songs I feel are still appropriate today. I hope teachers will find the songs contained in this book useful in instilling a love of music in their students.

The book itself is divided into four sections. “American Folk Songs” contains many folk songs teachers know, but may also have forgotten. “Folk Songs From Around the World,” has three songs with international flavor. “Holiday Songs” contains material useful during the holiday season. “Songs and Games for Fun” is a collection of proven materials enjoyable for children of many different ages."

~Konnie Saliba

Konnie Saliba is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. She has extensive experience in choral and general music teaching in elementary and secondary public and private schools. Ms. Saliba is nationally recognized as a consultant in Orff Schulwerk.

At the University of Memphis she directed the Master of Music with a concentration in Orff Schulwerk. She is past president and national honorary member of the American Orff Schulwerk Association. She has presented courses and workshops throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Germany, Austria, Finland, China and Dominican Republic. She is the author of numerous publications, and the 1997 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the American Orff Schulwerk Association.

Ms. Saliba is a program author for Pearson Scott Foresman's 2002 and 2005 Silver Burdett Making Music services.

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