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Brain Dance, Poster

(Classroom Poster - BPP-KBDP - $12.95)

This poster, with BrainDance symbols designed by Kerri Lynn Nichols, is a must have for those wishing to integrate the BrainDance into their day. The symbols are an easy reminder of the sequence and progression of the BrainDance as well as inspiration for creating BrainPlay stories with children. Black and white, actual size 18" x 24". The BrainDance process is used extensively in all of Kerri Lynn's publications. The symbols are used to cross reference BrainDance in each publication. A must have for all purchasers of Kerri Lynn's Books and CDs.

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I am the song

(CD - BPP-KIATS - $14.95)

This compact disc for children and families includes 22 original songs and arrangements in a variety of styles created and performed by Kerri Lynn Nichols. Selected pieces from her collections for children are included with full orchestrations and are appropriately scored for children to sing and play. Ten instrumental pieces can be used for creative dance, creative writing, visual art or listening activities. The songs center around themes of peace, light, empowerment, nature and joy.

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