Explore the elements and concepts of music through movement experiences and language. Music for dancers and dance for musicians! Kerri Lynn has recorded three CD's of music that can be used alongside Music for Dancers. A chapter for each of the elements of music. Founded in the philosophy of Anne Greene Gilbert Music and Dance share common elements. Discover the similarities. Learn the terms and techniques for each element starting with Rhythm. Melody can inspire movement and improvisation. With FORM, dance and music can be organized and expanded. There are many common means of Expression in music and dance. The sound of the instruments can inspire and delight. Combining sounds and movements produces multiple types of Texture. Full-body singing combines dance concepts with musical singing. An entire chapter is devoted to students with special needs. Music for Dancers contains 28 detailed lesson plans using the concepts in the book. An appendix includs a Conceptual Discograpy, a glossary, and supplemental listing suggestions.
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