* A fantastic resource for teachers of young children. Lots of helpful information about teaching this very important age group. The book includes information about the BrainDance method of activating young minds. Brain Stories provide activity, energy, and learning for children. Chock full of great lessons with complete planning suggestions. The movement component provides wonderful ideas and basic concepts for movement and dance. Full arrangements using Orff instruments, piano, and other classroom instruments. Songs are familiar and easy to play and sing. Songs include games and movement activities. Improvisation is an important element in the book.  Many ideas are here! Use the double CD recording to play and sing along with the children. Full Orff process lesson plans are provided with the recorded songs and arrangements. Make your own instruments with the children, a great motivator! A complete bibliography is included along with a complete list of supporting materials. The Double CD includes background music for movement and play-and sing-a-long tracks.
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