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Once a Round

15 Rounds for Young Voices

(Book - BPP-KOAR - $24.95)

This is a collection of fifteen original rounds for beginning and intermediate voices written and arranged by Kerri Lynn Nichols. Covering themes from the "A-B-C's" to "Let Your Voice Be Heard", melodies in various styles are arranged a Capella, with Orff settings or piano/guitar accompaniments. The book includes several suggestions for creatively working with rounds to enhance any musical experience. Enjoy these rounds, sure to make you giggle or shed a tear.


Twice a Round

21 Rounds for Young and Intermediate Voices

(Book - BPP-KTAR - $24.95)


This is a collection of twenty-one original rounds for beginning and intermediate voices written and arranged by Kerri Lynn Nichols. This collection of canons follows Kerri Lynn's first best-selling volume of canons for young voices, Once A Round. The theme and style is similar with suggestions for performance and some beautifully composed piano/guitar and Orff instrument accompaniments.

Included are copy-ready songsheets for each choir member that can be downloaded. For more information contact


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Songs and arrangements for all ages that celebrate the creative human spirit through song, dance, recorder, & percussion.

(Book - BPP-KI - $29.95)

This collection of original songs and arrangements integrates voices, dance and percussion in pieces that focus on global themes: peace, light, love, spirituality, community, joy. Songs are layered to be used for all ages, with a focus on grades 4-8. Includes activities for creating community, inspiration and celebration with students through the creative process, Orff settings, piano accompaniments and suggestions for teaching process. Selected pieces are recorded on the compact disc, I Am The Song.