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Peace by Piece

23 Choral Pieces of Love, Hope, Peace & Unity

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This collection of beautiful songs and canons for all ages was developed with and for the Olympia Peace Choir in Olympia, Washington. The songs all reflect the theme of peace and goodwill on earth. All of the songs have piano accompaniment and many have arrangements for Orff instruments. There are several pieces that include your drumming ensemble! The book includes full scores of all voice and instrument parts.

Included with the collection are downloadable songsheets for each choir member. Purchasers are invited to contact for more information.

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Ring, Sing, & Play

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Ring, Sing, and Play is a companion book for SONOR™ chime bars. These beautiful instruments involve everyone regardless of age or skill. From singing and accompanying favorite tunes to creating music and playing games, families and students have the opportunity to interact in a whole new way.

Teachers can use SONOR™ chime bars to teach the concepts of rhythm, melody, form, timbre and texture with ease. Using techniques similar to hand bells, the chime bars can be a great addition to the classroom instrumentation. Kerri Lynn Nichols has arranged original songs, traditional folk songs and spirituals to take advantage of their beauty and playability and has included lots of information, teaching suggestions, and creative ideas for using the chime bars in music classrooms.