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Cooking With Marimbas - Easy to Intermediate pieces for Marimbas and Orff Xylophones

By Paul Bakeman (Book)  $24.95 - Available NOW!

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Listen to Cuppa Joe (Bonus version) special guest guitarist, Bart Reardon.

This exciting new book of ten marimba pieces is a welcome addition to the marimba music repertoire. All are original tunes that Paul developed with his students at Rural Point Elementary School in Hanover County, Virginia. Some of the arrangements were adapted and arranged by Brent Holl. These tunes will help students develop excellent mallet technique and provides a platform for creating original arrangements and improvisations.

Paul has included hints for good ensemble training, plus tips on technique for drums, the shakere, and cowbell. Also available are supplemental materials on this website. Purchasers can click on the Request Login Information link to request login information. If you already have login information you can click on the Enter Download Site link.

On the secure download site can be found .pdf files of full scores and individual parts suitable for printing or for presentation stations. Images, bonus tracks, and helpful links to drumming and marimba information will be available soon as updates are added.

The audio CD, recorded professionally at Electric Arts Studio in Singers Glen, Virginia, contains full performances of each piece. It's great for listening or for playing along.



About Paul

From Paul:

"I use funny and interesting “turns of phrase” with my students, like “Let it cook!” When I say that, students know they are supposed to keep playing until they establish a nice groove or until playing together “feels good” (I want them to be able to recognize the groove when it happens). The groove occurs when students become so comfortable with their own part, they begin to actually LISTEN to how all the parts fit together to make a cohesive whole. I explain to them that each of their own parts is like one ingredient necessary to make a cake. The basses are the flour, the altos the eggs, the sopranos the sugar, the drums the chocolate, and the shekere and cowbell the icing. When we come together to make music, enough energy and heat is generated to “cook” those ingredients, creating a delicious chocolate cake, heard as the final product: a good grooving performance."

If you would like to invite Paul to present a workshop or lead an in-service training session for your teachers or students, please contact him by email.

Paul's workshop schedule

  • October 3, 2015 Music of the Valley Orff Chapter
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