* 42 tunes that can be played easily on the lap dulcimer. Phyllis writes about the early history of the Galax-style dulcimer and the invention of the playing style. The Galax dulcimer is unique in construction and design. Information is given on tuning with a collection of tunes in D, G, and A. Each tune is notated in Phyllis's own tablature, easy to read and easy to play with just a little practice. Full color pictures of Phyllis's extensive collection of Galax dulcimers are throughout the book. Each tune is recorded on the included audio CD, first played slowly, then up tempo. Several notables in the Galax dulcimer world are highlighted with short interviews. This is a beautiful book of pictures, history, and tunes for the Galax dulcimer.  Interesting to read with tunes that are fun to learn to play on mandolin, guitar, fiddle as well as the dulcimer.
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