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Here's Two

A Jazz Collection for the Orff Classroom
(BPP-HT - Book - $24.95) Look at a Preview

Patrick's new book of original Jazz tunes for Orff classes will contain teaching suggestions, full scores for the teacher, listening recommendations and lots of helpful information about jazz styles.

Supplemental materials are available for purchasers online including audio files of each piece along with full scores, instrument parts and individual and solo set-ups for each instrument. Appropriate for Grades 4 - 8.

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This Is What I Can Do

Improvisation Starters for Music Classes K-5
(BPP-PTWD - Book -  $24.95) Look at a Preview

Patrick's jazz stylings show how your youngest students can improvise too! Classic Orff process added to some cool jazz riffs in arrangements of children's rhymes and original tunes makes this book a perfect addition to your classroom library.

This book is about improvisation. The medium is elemental jazz. Some pieces are simplistic; some require more skill. Some are stage worthy; some are simple improvisation activities. All pieces provide improvisation opportunities for elementary school children.

From Patrick:

"Whether This Is What I Can Do! begins a jazz journey for you and your students or provides a stop along the way, I hope you enjoy the time with these pieces and the music you make with your students."


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