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Brent Holl Brent Holl  /  Michael Nichols  Michael Nichols / Robert A. Amchin Robert A Amchin

Chris Judah-Lauder Chris Judah Lauder / Sandy Lantz/Gretchen Wahlberg Gretchen Wahlberg and Sandy Lantz

Sue Mueller Sue Mueller / Judy Sills Judy Sills/ Danai Gagne Danai Gagne

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner Aimee Curtis Pfitzner / Gloria Fuoco-Lawson Gloria Fuoco-Lawson


Jon Madin Jon Madin / Kerri Lynn Nichols Kerri Lynn Nichols/ Konnie Saliba Konnie Saliba

Patrick Ware Patrick Ware / Paul Bakeman Paul Bakeman/ Steven Kennedy Steven Kennedy


Scott Tarantino/David Ruggiero

Connie Hale / Maureen Kennedy

David Krosner / Jane Barbe

Jane Lamb / John G. Barr

Carol Warner/ John G. Barr

Celah K. Pence / Jesse Hopkins

Phyllis Gaskins / Eric Schopmeyer

We are a friendly, low cost, no frills, publishing house dedicated to high quality music for teachers trained in Orff Schulwerk as well as classroom, choral and general music teachers. Each publication is backed by years of hands-on, in-the-classroom experience, and has thoroughly proven its worth as valuable material for elementary and middle school children, at home, in church and at school.

All of our composers are experienced and have written materials and resources that reflect many years and many successes in the classroom. Most of them are active presenters at workshops around the country and have done multiple sessions using the Orff process at AOSA conferences. The products presented here reflect that vast and successful experience in the Orff classroom.

Our composers write music for classrooms, children's church programs, choirs from treble to adult, drumming, recorder and marimbas. Browse our website to find all of these fine materials. If you'd like to see a free sample or two visit our free stuff page! All you have to do is click on the covers to get a free Orff style lesson plan!


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